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Meet The Artist

The Adventure of a Lifetime

From Cake Decorator to Clay Artist

   My name is Cherubella, however, many know me simply as Bella. In the last 7 years I have gone on an amazing adventure pursuing a childhood dream. For 13 years as a cake decorator I never felt fulfilled in my career.   I had always wanted to be an artist in some form or another but I was told, "You can't be an artist," or "being an artist isn't a career," and I believed it. I had always enjoyed painting, drawing and dabbled in various art mediums throughout the years.  Despite the beauty of the cakes I made, I was creatively stifled by the environment of the baking industry. I was overworked and under appreciated.

  After having my first son, and lacking the wonderful experience of seeing him grow because I had to work a 12 hour job/ 6 days a week, I knew things had to change. I wasn't sure how I'd make it work, but I had a vision and a strong belief in myself to succeed, so I quit my job to be home with my son.  I took cake orders at home and I began to dabble in the arts and explored to my hearts content. I didn't have any intention of it becoming a business. I just wanted to enjoy life.

Christmas 2016 was fast approaching and I didn't have much to spend on gifts.  I had this old bar of Sculpey clay which I had bought on a whim two years before for a cake topper.  I had always enjoyed fondant work, however I hated the fact it dried too quickly and nothing ever turned out quite like I had hoped it would.  The clay was completely different.I made gifts for all my friends and family. It was like magic in my hands and I found that I LOVED sculpting. I enjoyed it more than anything I had ever tried before. Once I started I couldn't stop! It soon became an obsession and I was creating and sharing art that brought me and many others joy.

   Soon I had people asking if I would make them a custom sculpture or sell the pieces I had already made. I couldn't believe people wanted to buy my art!  September of 2017 I made my first Dragonkin, inspired by my dog Lucian and an entire world was born. I combined my love of art with my love for fantasy and writing.  It was a magical recipe where all the ingredients just came together so perfectly and ever since, I have been living a life that is true to my authentic self. I am so happy and feel appreciated for what I put out in to the world and the best part, I get to raise my two Boys, Griffon and Phoenix because of the support I have received, for a dream I once thought was impossible.

 I now advocate for young and old artists alike, to follow their dreams, to take the leap.  If I can make my dreams come true, so can you!!