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Pre-Order Info


I Will Have One Pre-order every 6-8weeks.  Pre-orders are based on pre-existing designs, they are not 100% custom. Each Pre-order will have limited options to choose from. Options will vary for every pre-order. 

Pre-orders are less expensive than Create your own customs and OOAK designs because they are done in batches. If there are no listings in my shop, the listing for that month has already closed or hasn't launched. I always have a post on my social media pages with reminders or updates on the newest preorder 

When ordering a Pre-Order, Please keep in mind, Pre-orders typically take 6-8 weeks to complete. As I am finishing one batch of pre-orders, I start taking my next set. Please do not think I am not completing your order if you haven't received tracking yet. Pre-orders always overlap.

No two Pre-orders will ever be exactly alike, they are 100% handmade from polymer clay. Designs are made with the utmost care and love and while they may not be exact replicas of the original, I guarantee the quality for every design made. While the design will look and resemble the original design I strive to create One of a Kind art and may slightly change elements to a degree to give every person who orders one a unique piece of art.

THESE ARE NOT CUSTOM MADE. As the artist and creator of these designs I will have creative freedom outside of the selected elements. This means, I may possibly change how the horns look, the number of horns, the eye shape, textures or dimpling of the dragon scales, placement of decorative elements.

I offer preorders to give more people the opportunity to own my art.If you are not ok with slight variations in design or creative freedom please do not order a handmade pre order.