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Please understand that these Dragons are handmade pieces of art that take me hours to complete each one. This Pricing guide is to give you a better understanding of the average cost of my dragons for basic pricing purposes, but is subject to vary  in my shop or for Custom orders when additional details are added for themes: Holidays, food, elements, flowers, props, animals or posing.


Yearlings are baby dragonkin that are close to approaching their first year of life when their name and power are revealed to you! Growing is hard work so they are usually found curled in a sleeping pose. I offer various sizes for Yearlings, asleep or awake. They measure approximately 2-5" Pricing is based on Design complexity and size. Each adopted yearling comes with a full certificate of adoption with the name and personality section left for you to fill out.


Yearling (2-5")-$125-$165 

(average cost depending upon final design)


Dragonkin are my staple design and style. They are the most popular of all my designs. They are a special species of Dragon born from magic and the power of the cosmos. Dragonkin are designed in the traditional wyvern style and do not have front legs. Every Dragonkin has a purpose and a magical ability that makes them unique. Dragonkin come in various sizes and are categorized by their size. They  Measure approximately 3"-7"" depending on tail position and type of dragonkin. Every Dragonkin comes with an adoption certificate with my signature, their name and Power

Minkin (3")-$105-145

 Small Dragonkin (4-5") - $115-$175

Large Dragonkin (6-7")-$150-$265  

Dragonkin or Merdragonkin








Dragons are very large and powerful compared to Dragonkin. They are more detailed and require a lot of time. It usually takes 4-6 weeks to sculpt one dragon. Once the rulers of Mirordor they destroyed one another vying for power to the point of extinction. only a few remain and in their desire to procreate formed the dragonkin from magic and the cosmos. I offer three sizes, small, medium and Large and various poses. They are priced depending on the complexity of their design, their size, and pose. Please message me with questions or for an accurate price quote  Please email me

Prices start at $300

Domestic Shipping-FREE

International Shipping- $30-$75



Unicorns / Equine Sculpts

Unicorns are magical and elusive creatures.  In the land of Mirordor, Unicorns take magic to the next level. For a Custom, please email me for a Price Quote. Basic Standing Unicorns Start at $150

Feather Drift

Feather Drifts are a smaller, cuter sub species born of the Gryphon that live in the floating sky city Avolire, high above Mirordor. They have become an all but forgotten species for the last 1000 years. Once known as the companion of the humans, they have kept to themselves since the dawn of man ended. Though smaller than the Gryphon you can’t take them lightly for they are ferocious fighters with a sharp intelligence and even sharper claws. Designs include your choice of color for body, eyes, wings and Shimmer plus pose. Flowers, themes, character designs and solar color dust coverage cost extra. Please Message me for design price. Certain Designs like a peacock feather drift will cost more.

Closed Wings start at- $125

Open wings start at-$155


Snakes in Mirordor are a special breed, closely related to the mythical wyrm. The Mythical Wyrm, now considered a legend, was said to rule among the great dragons for thousands of years. preferring her solitude and peace, she created the Island of Anquis.  Soon after, snakes of all types began to appear.  Many live on the Island of Anquis, yet over time they have migrated to the main lands and have become a regular sighting among the creatures of Mirordor.

Regular Snakes start at $65.

Cobras start at $70.

Large snakes start at $115.

Designs can be adapted from dragonkin designs, like food theme, character, animal, plants and flowers, etc. They come in a variety of poses. Prices are dependent upon their final design.


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