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A few weeks back I purchased a Septarian
Picture of Draco with indirect light.jpg
_swipe for number generator and more views_ Here she is!! Based on the evil queen Grimhilde from Sno
Erywode- A custom dragon egg holder (morning mist egg by _amotherofdragoneggs) for _cakeohnishimura.
Mi’amora the Love struck Dragonkin will be available tomorrow in my Etsy at 6pm EST.jpg
Etsy update in less than 2 hours at 6pm EST! This is one of 23 dragonkin available for adoption! His
Etsy update is live! Link is in my bio😊 happy adoption day everyone! ._.jpg
Another One of the little yearlings that was adopted on Tuesday’s update! She just wants to
Happy Monday everyone! Im up to my eyeba
Meet Basalt! He has been frozen in stone for 1000 years.jpg
Meet Treshur! A little golden nugget dragonkin😆 She lives deep with in the earth and eats gold whic
Meet Nightmara! I tried out a new wing style with her and I love it! They aren’t as thick and are fo
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Little Maize is a shimmering boa living
My update is live! All babies adopted wi
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There is a place in Mirordor surrounded
My last custom Feather Drift was a cutie
_vannah_15_ commissioned Kiranya, Mordic

Welcome to Mirordor

My name is Cherubella and I will be your guide through the world of Mirordor. Mirordor is reflecftion of our mundane world, a place of magic and wonder where the dragonkin roam freely and mighty dragons cause chaos and tension. Dragonkin are all one of a kind pieces of art with their own personalities, names and magical powers.


The Adventure of a Lifetime

From Cake Decorator to Clay Artist

   For 13 years as a cake decorator I never felt fulfilled in my career.   I had always wanted to be an artist in some form or another but I was told, "You can't be an artist," or "being an artist isn't a career," and I believed it. I had always enjoyed painting, drawing and dabbled in various art mediums throughout the years.  I had pursued cake decorating because I felt it was the closest thing I could get to being an artist.  Despite the beauty of the cakes I made, I was creatively stifled by the environment of the baking industry. I was overworked and under appreciated.


 After having my first son, and lacking the wonderful experience of seeing him grow because I had to work a 12 hour job/ 6 days a week, I knew things had to change. We weren't sure how we were going to make it work on my husbands income alone, but I quit my job to be home with my son.  I began to dabble in the arts and explored to my hearts content. I didn't have any intention of it becoming a business. I just wanted to enjoy life.


   I did MLM, which I HATED, or made cakes from home and watched my friends kids for a little extra money. Christmas 2016 was fast approaching and I didn't have much to spend on gifts.  I had this old bar of Sculpey clay which I had bought on a whim two years before.  I had always enjoyed fondant work, however I hated the fact it dried too quickly and nothing ever turned out quite like I had hoped it would.  The clay was completely different.I made gifts for all my friends and family. It was like magic in my hands and I found that I LOVED sculpting. I enjoyed it more than anything I had ever tried before. Once I started I couldn't stop! It soon became an obsession and I was creating and sharing art that brought me and many others joy.

   Soon I had people asking if I would make them a custom sculpture or sell the pieces I had already made. I couldn't believe people wanted to buy my art!  September of 2017 I made my first Dragonkin, inspired by my dog Lucian and an entire world was born. I combined my love of art with my love for fantasy and writing.  It was a magical recipe where all the ingredients just came together so perfectly and ever since, I have been living a life that is true to my authentic self. I am so happy and feel appreciated for what I put out in to the world and the best part, I get to raise my two Boys, Griffon and Phoenix because of the support I have received, for a dream I once thought was impossible.


 I now advocate for young and old artists alike, to follow their dreams, to take the leap.  If I can make my dreams come true, so can you!!



"Works of art make rules; rules do not make works of art"

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