Important Info about your Gift Card.

Please Read Before purchase

When you purchase a Gift card, I have to activate it.  Please email me at with the amount, and the 8 digit code.


When using your Gift Card, You would enter the 8 digit code into the Promo code section at Checkout. If you use the total amount and there is a monetary difference you would pay using paypal or credit/ debit card. If it covers the total amount you do not have to enter any other information ( this can be a much faster way to purchase during updates.)


If you purchase multiple Gift cards to save for a larger purchase, you can email me once you have purchased the total amount you are saving for to recieve a single Promo Code, combining the totals. Only one Promo code can be used during checkout. If there is a remaining amount, you would use the same Promo Code for later purchases


If you are an international customer, Shipping will be charged. At this time the Gift card Promo code does not deduct from shipping. If your Gift card will cover the amount of shipping, I can either refund you the amount for shipping or you can have a remaining balance on your gift card. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

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