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Why is your shop sometimes empty? When will your next update be?



I try my best to keep my shop stocked with Large dragonkin at least every other week. Updates are usually on Tuesdays at 6pm or 8pm EST. I do fairly large updates, but I do sell out of larger dragonkin quickly. I always announce an update 3-5 days ahead of time with daily reminders on my instagram @bella.enchanted.studios  There is also a reminder countdown in my stories, as well as the shop restock date in my Bio at the very top of my instagram profile

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, I do ship internationally. Shipping prices are based on the weight of the package averaging between $15-$25. Large or heavy sculptures can cost as much as $75 to ship internationally. At Checkout you will be charged a portion of shipping as I also will pay a portion. All international packages come with a tracking number and insurance. Please keep in mind that International Shipping is a long process and can take up to 3 weeks to reach you. I am NOT RESPONSIBLE for any import fees, Customs or taxes regulated by or calculated by your country as I have no way of knowing these fees.

Do You accept customs? How do I order a custom? What about customs of creatures other than dragons?

I do accept customs, but I'm not always open for customs if my waiting list is long. I can add you to my list if you are willing to wait a few weeks.

If you want to order a custom the first step you should take is to figure out exactly what you want. Reference pictures are great (as long as its not another artists sculpture) Take a look at my basic Price Guide to get an idea of how much your piece may cost and any add-ons you may want. Once you have done a little research and have a good idea of what you want, reach out to me via email bella@enchantedbella.com and we can discuss the finer details of your piece, pricing and timeline of execution


  I am always willing to accept any type of custom and thoroughly enjoy making other creatures be they dog, unicorn or a squirrel (the sky's the limit).  Just because I make dragons primarily does not mean I will turn down a request. I do reserve the right to deny a request if I do not think I will be able to do your vision justice. In the case that I do deny your request I will offer alternative ideas or recommend you to another artist. If I do accept a custom from you I will require a 50% non-refundable deposit before I begin sculpting.

I wanted a dragon in your shop and someone adopted it before me! can you make me the same dragon?

All of my dragons are handmade and no two are identical. I can most definitely make you one that looks similar in pose, style and colors, but it will not be an exact replica of the original.  You will also be subject to my waiting list and however long that may take.

What kind of clay and materials do you use for your sculptures?

I use primarily Sculpey Premo and Fimo Clay over a aluminum and wire armature and glass cabochon eyes that I make myself. I use Solar Color dust, mica powders and Glitters to give my pieces a truly magical look. I enjoy incorporating crystals into my designs and other odds and ends to create truly one of a kind designs

If you have a dragonkin in your shop and I want it, but I can't afford it right now will you reserve it for me?

I no longer reserve Dragonkin anymore for several reasons including people not following through, changing their mind or taking longer than promised. It is only fair that they be first come, first serve not only to me, but other customers as well. I am more than willing to make a similar design of your desired Dragonkin if you missed the one you wanted.

If I send you picture's of someone else's work will you replicate it?

No. I may have the ability to replicate someones work, but I will not replicate another artist's work. That is considered intellectual theft and morally wrong. They, like myself, have worked hard to develop a style that is uniquely theirs. If you want a particular theme I will gladly make a design based on that theme in my style.

How do you price your items? Do You accept payment plans?

I price my figures based on several factors: Size, level of  detail/ design, pose, materials and the number of hours it takes me to finish a piece.  I try to price my pieces fairly and at an affordable rate for the time and care I put into them. You can view my basic price page for an idea of how I price my pieces.


I will be offering payment plans for large orders or expensive pieces. Please contact me to discuss. Payment Plans will be determined on the total cost of the sculpture. The Sculpture will be done in stages as per payment.. The final payments received are received from the client once the piece is complete and can be shipped.  


If you order a Custom under $200 I will accept 50% upfront to begin sculpting and the other 50% upon completion of the sculpture or whenever you have the funds once it is complete.

I received my Dragonkin today and it was damaged upon delivery, what should I do?

1.DON'T PANIC! I will do everything I can to make it right. I package my sculptures very carefully, but some elements are out of my control Once the post office has them. I've had few breaks since I have started. Being a polymer clay collector, please acknowledge that polymer clay though resilient is not indestructible.  I try to package my sculptures as effectively as possible to minimize any damage. If your package has a hole in it or crushed, know that your package was abused once out of my hands. every package goes out a new /recycled double corrugated white box.   If your sculpture has more damage than a minor horn break or a minor stress crack, ie. a broken wing, broken tail or neck, it was most likely handled very roughly.


2. Contact me right away and send me some pictures. You can message me on any platform (instagram, facebook, bella@enchantedbella.com ) I will respond within 24 hours and I will guide you in the next steps you should take. It doesn't happen very often, but when it does its usually a very simple fix. If its anything major and you don't feel you can fix it I will pay you to ship it back to me. You will have to supply me with a receipt of delivery for a refund.


3. The right attitude goes a long way and so too does a little bit of Super glue. I recommend scotch brand or E6000.  If your sculpture is damaged and you can't fix it but I can I will pay for you to ship it back to me. If it is severely damaged to where it can not be fixed by you or me I will gladly remake it for you. I am here to help you. Please rest assured I wont grow defensive or refuse to help you in any way I can.

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